Sunday, October 19, 2008

Picture Overload!

(Click the pics for bigness)

August 29:
This is a solid spherical stone in the city center. It is supported by a jet of water from underneath. The water pressure is strong enough to slightly lift the stone from it's base so you can rotate it. The way you can tell that it is solid stone is by the incredible amount of effort needed to get it to spin. Once it's spinning, it's really hard to change its direction or stop it.

That is not a reflection in the center of the sphere, that's a dry spot. You are looking down the axis of rotation.

September 6:
Here are some berries on a huge bush in the park downtown.

These are pictures from the rose garden in the park downtown. It was even more beautiful earlier in the year.

This is near the rose garden, in the same park downtown. It's in a little area with benches where you can just sit and enjoy the day while looking a pretty flowers.

A bee working hard on the last few warm days.

Same flowers, sans the bee.

Becky waiting patiently while I take a million pictures.

This guy can't get enough.

"Hey round-boy! Give a skinny guy a chance!"

Everyone wants a piece of the action.

I like the bright red berries in the tree.

That's the coffee shop in the park.

I'm not entirely sure why this couple is dancing in the median, but behind them is a performing arts theater.

September 8:
As we were leaving work, we noticed this. I think this was in preparation for a faculty/new student party that night.

September 9:
This is a lake very near our apartment called Kuivasjärvi.

These are pictures taken along the path around the lake.

September 23:
The morning walk to work.


Sarah Marie said...

Those are some great pictures! I think Becky is the most beautiful flower of them all.

a. brooke said...

i like your pictures! you should come back to alabama so that we can discuss them, in depth, in person!

i just went to TN over the weekend & all the leaves were starting to change- it was beautiful too. i love fall!