Monday, October 06, 2008

Colbert was right.

Last night, we were catching up on The Colbert Report and he brought up an interesting observation. While everyone is losing their shirts in the stock market from investing in Ford, Apple, Exxon, etc., the people who invested in Campbells Soup are making out like bandits! I guess people are opting for the $0.89 meal-in-a-can nowadays.

Take a look at how the stock has done in the past 6 months:

(I was going to add the clip from The Colbert Report, but my browser keeps crashing while trying to load the site. If you go to, I'm sure you'll find the clip. It's from either Wednesday's or Thursday's show. I'll try to add it later if I can.)

1 comment:

a. brooke said...

that's it, then. i'm putting all my $$$$ into twinkies, spam, and chicken noodle soup.
and maybe velveeta