Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Now Accepting Bribes...

Our absentee ballots arrived today! I honestly thought that we would never see them. Tuscaloosa continues to surprise me.

I plan on voting soon and, in the spirit of the U.S. legislative process and the First Amendment, I will be accepting donations. The size of your donation will be directly proportional to the amount of consideration I will give your voting request. I will not place restrictions on the size of donations that I am willing to accept.


a. brooke said...

I will send you everything that's in my pocket if you'll vote for Obama.

That deal would include:
-a wrapper from a peppermint
-chewed tea tree toothpicks
-2 dollars, cash
-a UA student ID
-1 tube of used chapstick
-lots of pocket lint. that a deal? i see that you have no other offers.....

Patrick said...

Oh, I have a feeling that I'll be swimming in offers of Lamborginis and gold bullion soon.

Your offer has been noted though.

You know, I'm still waiting for my chimichanga to show up...