Thursday, October 30, 2008

Daylight Update.

The sun rose today at 8:01a and set at 4:02p for a total of 8h 1m of daylight and falling.

We set the clocks back an hour over the weekend. The days right before then were a little weird. I would wake up at 7a or 7:30a and think it was the middle of the night. I woke up one morning and struggled to see the time on our analog clock, only to have the morning alarm go off as soon as I picked it up.


YogaNerd said...

thank you for not rounding the hours of daylight. I am grateful for that extra minute of sunlight. It makes all the difference in my day.

a. brooke said...

I agree with becky- when discussing daylight, i think that extra care should be taken to be as precise as possible. as a matter of fact, i'm disappointed that it wasn't taken to the level of seconds.
tsk. tsk, astrophysicist. i expected more.

by the way, suki told me to tell you that he's been blowing up skunk's pager & that she has NOT been calling back. he said he even punched in a '911' code. what gives?

Patrick said...

Seconds? My work involves such large errors that +/- 20% is considered "nailing it". I consider it fortunate that it wasn't 8h 1m +/- Tuesday!