Thursday, May 03, 2007

Pictures of Oulu, Finland.

Here are some pictures I took of Oulu, Finland.

This is a lake near my friend's (Raine's) apartment, where I stayed.

Here's Raine hard at work in the living room.

These are pictures of a concert we went to at the best bar in Oulu, 45 Special. The band is called Viikate (Scythe, in English).

May 1st is Vappu, a national holiday in Finland. The college students have a hazing ritual for the first year students that culminates on the day before Vappu with a "baptism" in one of the rivers in downtown Oulu. After having lunch downtown, we went to the park to check out the festivities.

Here's my friend A.J. trying to look suave.

Here's Raine giving the horns of satan.

Here's Pertti doing the same.

The divers didn't show up yet, so the "baptisms" took place in a pool filled with river water instead of the river itself. The scaffolding had a collapsible platform for the students to sit on. It was then released, sending the person into the pool of frigid water.

The divers finally show up and they are now setting up the slide for the real "baptisms."

I was told this says, "the police are your friends!"

After the festivities, we met up with some of Raine and Pertti's friends and went to a bar and played cards.

From left to right are Pia, Kari's girlfriend (I forgot her name, sorry), and Kimmo.

From left to right are Kari, Raine, Pertti, and A.J.

Here's my friend Eero.

This is Raine's good friend, Jyrki (I think that's how you spell it).

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