Saturday, May 12, 2007

Netflix Downgrade.

I just downgraded our Netflix rental plan from 3 at-a-time (unlimited; $17.99/month) to 2/month ($4.99/month). I did this partly because I feel like getting 2 movies at a time (my share of the plan) is a bit much for me and I'm not getting my money's worth. I also feel like I should be doing more work and reading more books. I even have 2 computer games that I haven't even opened yet. These are all secondary reasons though. I mostly wanted to downgrade because I recently rediscovered the public library. I'm amazed at the dvd selection the library has. They not only have a lot of interesting documentaries but also a lot of Hollywood movies... and recent ones too. Best of all you can borrow them for a week for free! Just recently, I borrowed 16 Blocks starring Mos Def and Bruce Willis. Our library even has The Alien Quadrilogy! We also get "rent one, get one free" coupons from Blockbuster every so often, so I don't think we'll miss out on any new releases.

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