Thursday, April 27, 2006


Maaaaaan... Republicans are some sneaky people. I guess that's true about most politicians, but Republicans are just terrible. You might want to peruse this article before continuing on.

So, now the Republicans in congress are trying to get the Alaska drilling legislation pushed through by attaching a $100 "rebate check" to the US taxpayer to "offset the pain of higher pump prices for gasoline." They are playing off of the greed of Joe Six-pack, the average American. Who wouldn't want a "free" $100?! Truth be told, I want a $100 too, but how long will that $100 really last? If you use that for gas, it might fill 2 or 3 tanks. Then what? Are we out of the woods? Are 2 free tanks of gasoline going to last everyone through the summer? Nope.

It seems to me that the Republicans are just trying to buy support for the bill from the average American. They couldn't get the Alaska drilling passed before, so now that the price of gas went up, they are trying a new strategy. When the Democrats oppose it, as they should, they are going to look like the bad guys because it'll seem like they don't want to give the taxpayers any money. Touche.

W even scares Ted.

Spidey Nooooooo!

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Al Gore said...

Can I have $100? I like bribes. I don't care if the oil companies get $12 billion in tax breaks from my taxpayer money. I am getting $100! And then Bush is going to cut taxes even more so I will get even more back! Yeah! Vote for me! I don't like blowjobs! I'll keep my dick in a lockbox! Yeah!