Sunday, April 23, 2006

Look what we did this weekend.

Yesterday Becky, Cathy, Mike, and I went to the 2006 AMA Superbike Challenge at the Barber Motorsports Complex. The one thing I know I'll always remember about this day is hearing the difference between a Buell, Ducati, and every other motorcycle that was racing. That was pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

I'm leaving the first comment.

I think your girlfriend is hot. You should buy her lots of pretty things and rub her feet daily.

Uncle Roman said...

DOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!! That doood in the 6th picture up from the bottom (Mike?) looks EXACTLY like the Icelandic dude in Hostel who gets killed!!!

Go see Hostel and you'll know what I mean. Then again, Patty, you're a wimp for those movies.

OK, Becky! Go see Hostel and you'll see what I mean!