Monday, April 24, 2006

Ragdoll Physics

I just have to mention that Half Life 2 is probably my all-time favorite game. The graphics, storyline, and physics in this game is just amazing. What could be better than a physicist leading a rebellion against extra-dimensional conquerors?

Here's a picture of some of the Gestapo-esque oppressors in the game:

This is just a really cool picture. The graphics in the game are exactly as seen in the picture:

On July 1st, Valve is coming out with the first expansion pack to HL2. It's called Half Life 2: Episode 1 (although, I think Half Life 2: Aftermath was a better name). I'm really excited. The graphics look even better. I ended up pre-ordering it for $12 on a while ago because I new that it would soon go up to $20. From what I've heard though, the expansion pack won't take long to complete and Valve is already working on a second expansion pack. I hope they are also developing HL3 as well.

Anyway, here's a link to the HL2:E1 website. There's a game trailer and some cool screen shots. Here's a sample:

Oh yeah, if you want to see what ragdoll physics looks like, George Bush can show you here.

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