Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Latitude Difference of 32 Degrees.

So, I'm listening to Morning Editon on Alabama Public Radio via the internet and they just said that it will be 97F and feel like 105F in Tuscaloosa today. I sure do miss hanging out at the pool on those super hot days.

The temperature here has maxed out at about 60F today and since summer is winding down, I doubt it'll get into the 70s again this year. Bummer.


Mambinki said...

But you still have sunshine for a while longer. :)

seraphim said...

yeah, p-money...i miss hanging out at YOUR pool too when it's 105F! thanks for moving!!! :)

Patrick said...

Yeah, it's nice to have long days, but we are losing them fast too. I think we lose about 5 minutes of daylight per day!

Seraphim, you could always hang out at the Prides Court pool... if you don't mind swimming with chunks of watermelon and 3 different strains of chlamydia.

a. brooke said...

at least you had a pool when you lived here!
those of us who are still here are drying up & suffering in the heat since, cough cough, someone had to move to finland.