Saturday, August 30, 2008

Drunk History... a la Patrick.

So, I've had about a liter of of Martinique rum and Coke/French Antilles rum and Pommac so far tonight. I've also started reading Whiteout by Greg Rucka, which is an upcoming movie starring Kate Beckinsale. If you have never read anything by Rucka, I highly recommend Gotham Central.

Anyway, the first few pages of Whiteout state that the Nazis laid claim to an area of Antarctica by dropping thousands of metal swastikas from an airplane. I didn't know if this was fact or "artistic license," so Becky did a search for me on the internet. Sure enough, the Encyclopedia Britannica claims that it actually happened in 1939. I am amazed by this, especially in light of Hitler's vision of Berlin as the capital of the world.


a. brooke said...

yay for drunk blogging!!!
after tonight's opening game against clemson, maybe i'll try it myself

Patrick said...

Patrick's Prediction:

Alabama takes the lead early and then either loses to Clemson or squeaks by with a win in the second half.