Monday, October 09, 2006

Tolerable TV.

I just finished watching an episode of Heroes on NBC. It's a decent show but it has a lot of plot problems. The biggest one I noticed on tonight's episode had to do with the blonde lady and her kid. She drove them both into the desert at night in a convertible with the top down. She parked the car and proceeded to use a shovel to dig up a corpse a few feet away from the car as her son was sleeping the back seat. Later she opened the trunk, removed two dismembered bodies and buried them. She didn't finish until what looked like noon, just as her son woke up.

Now even if this kid isn't a light sleeper, who wouldn't wake up with a trunk opening and closing a few feet from your head? Also, what kid sleeps until noon in a convertible with the top down in the desert? When I'm camping I have a hard time sleeping past dawn. It just gets too bright for me. If I was sleeping in the desert, I think the heat and dehydration would have woken me up.

My favorite character is Hiro, the Japanese guy with control over space and time. Peter is my second favorite, but the cop is growing on me. The character I have a problem with is the cheerleader girl. I have to say she is pretty damn lucky her power is to cheat death and have a Wolverine-like healing ability. I've never seen anyone get mangled more than this chick. Even Wolverine TRIES to avoid using his healing ability. This chick accidentally impales herself on sharp sticks, puts her hand in a garbage disposal, jumps off of grain silos, etc. Isn't self-preservation still one of the few instincts that humans have? Millions of years of evolution have hammered that into every fiber of our being, so wouldn't you still feel some doubt about your power even if you knew that you couldn't die? Personally, I would find it more plausable if this chick would think, "well I didn't die those other dozen times, but maybe my luck will run out the next time." That would definitely add a little more realism to the story, which I belive the creator was going for. Then again, he was probably just jumping on the comic-book band wagon and sold a half-thought-out idea to NBC. I read somewhere that he never read comic books and he wanted to get a more realistic take on people with powers. I don't think he succeded.

Anyway, this show definitely needs some more thought put into the storyline. Clearly, it's no Lost. It's a lot more similar to one of the creator's earlier attempts at a superhero tv show, Misfits of Science (I LOVED that show).

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