Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Zombies and camping.

I've been playing HL2:E1 for a few evenings now, and it is awesome. I read that it's a short game and one guy said that he finished it in about 4 hours. I think it might take me twice as long because of all the exploring and looking around I'm doing. The environment is fantastic and I just want to spend some time looking at everything. The game developers did a good job at creating ambiance. There was one part of the game that freaked me out. You are trapped in a basement, waiting for the elevator to show up and take you to the surface and there are no lights except for your flashlight with a limited charge. When you turn it on, you essentially have tunnel vision. Then the zombies come charging at you... You have to rely on your ears for direction (I have stereo sound), find them with the flashlight, and blow them away with the limited ammo you have. It was good stuff.

On a different note, I'm really looking forward to camping in Kentucky at the end of the month. I'll be stopping at General Butler State Resort Park on my way to Michigan. There seems to be a lot to do there. During peak season (right now) it costs $20/night. During holidays it's $22 and off-season it's $12. I hope it's worth the money. I could probably get a hotel room for $30-35 around there.

I'm thinking about getting a nicer tent than what I have now for this trip. I currently have a little "2-man" tent that is really only big enough for me. I have to sleep diagonally in it because I'm pretty tall. I also want to get a little rechargable lantern so I can do some reading at night.

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