Sunday, February 21, 2010

Paris Vacation Pictures: The Fifth Set

Some van Gogh paintings at Musée d'Orsay.

I think this is a Manet painting.

Inside Musée d'Orsay.

I can't figure out how they layered two different types of stone as cloth on top of the marble nude.

This is a great Monet painting.

A Renoir painting.

Here are some pictures of our detour to Köln, Germany to visit my Aunt and Uncle. This is us standing on a bridge over the Rhine.

Here you can see the cathedral, tv tower, the train station, and the train bridge.

Here we are crossing the Rhine on the train bridge. Apparently a tradition has started where couples write or engrave their names on locks, fasten them to the fence on the bridge, and throw the key into the river.

We also discovered a fence on a bridge in Paris that had a few of these locks too. It didn't compare to this though.

This is the floor of an ancient Roman dining room. It's all mosaic tile.

Another church in Köln.

This is the wall around an old town outside of Köln.

A church inside the old town.

The handles of an interesting door inside a church.

The door.

Becky and my Aunt checking out a craft store.

One of the streets in the old town.

A random guy in my shot of this street.

This spot is probably really nice in the Spring.

My Aunt and Uncle.

This cafe looks cozy.

My Uncle in front of the cathedral.

Can you spot the lock that Becky and I put on the bridge?

Some artifacts inside the cathedral in Köln.

The gold artifact supposedly holds the bones of the Three Kings.

This is a close-up of the back of the gold artifact.

Unfortunately it was dark outside when we went inside the cathedral, so it was kind of dark inside as well. The gold artifact is between the Christmas trees in the background.

The ceiling of the cathedral is incredibly high. You can see the gold artifact way in the back.

Pictures in the train station as we are about to head back to Paris.

Back in Paris and outside the Pantheon. The Eiffel Tower is in the background.

That couple doesn't seem as jazzed to be here as I am.

Inside the Pantheon.

A giant pendulum suspended from inside the dome in the Pantheon.

The crowning of Charlemagne.

Rousseau's tomb in the basement of the Pantheon.

Voltaire's tomb.

The basement has lots of famous people entombed there. Here is Marie Curie and her husband's tomb.

Becky next to the entrance of Lagrange's tomb. (He's the guy who discovered Lagrangian points!)

Braille's tomb.

Victor Hugo's tomb.

Dumas' tomb.

A painting of Death on the ceiling of the Pantheon.

An interesting painting at the entrance of the Pantheon.

When we got outside, the sky cleared.

Notre Dame and the courtyard in front of it.

The city was going to build a parking garage under the courtyard in front of Notre Dame, but they discovered a bunch of Roman ruins. Now they turned it into another museum. Here are some of the ruins. This is the entrance to a cellar.

Steps leading to a cellar.

More steps leading to a cellar.

The smooth path labeled with a "P" is an alleyway between to buildings.

The base of a column.

The small archways lit in red were part of a central heating system.

Notre Dame at night.

I'm trying to get creative with the Moon.

Mass in Notre Dame.

Ice skating outside Hotel de Ville.

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