Thursday, July 23, 2009

Independence Day and Zoo Pictures.

July 4, 2009:

Becky, Janet, and David celebrating Independence Day on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain.
Here I am representing Michigan.

July 5, 2009:

The drive back to Little Rock involves passing through Transylvania.
In the background you can see one of the many prisons between New Orleans and Little Rock.

July 19, 2009:

The aardvark at the Little Rock Zoo.
Can you see what's hiding behind the foliage on Becky's right?

He looks as pissed off as Sam the Eagle.
Ellen and Mary throwing dust on themselves.

Ellen using the fence as a trunk-rest.
Surprisingly, the zoo keepers brought the elephants out of the enclosure and let people touch them while they ate. It was the first time I ever touched an elephant. They have rough skin and wirey hair.
Cats are all the same whether they are house cats or jaguars. They nap...
...use the scratching post...
...and play.
Becky figuring out what to go see next.

These guys kept tailing us. I think we were about to get mugged.

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