Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Where do you want to live?

According to this article, Denver (at 43%) is the most popular place people would like to move to. The least popular was Detroit at 8%.

8%?! Detroit isn't THAT bad!

Percentage of Americans who say they want to live in this city or metropolitan area:

Most popular
Denver: 43%
San Diego: 40%
Seattle: 38%
Orlando: 34%
Tampa: 34%
San Francisco: 34%

Least popular
Detroit: 8%
Cleveland: 10%
Cincinnati: 13%
Kansas City: 15%
Minneapolis: 16%
Pittsburgh: 17%

Source: Pew Research Center


a. brooke said...

as the coolest places of all time, i'm surprised that chattanooga didn't make that list. from everything i've heard, i suspect it to be the true #1.

where did little rock fall?

DetroitBlue said...

72 for little Rawk. LOL

The D IS terrible, but the surrounding burbs are nice.

Peopel hear Detroit and think of the worst parts, which is most of Wayne county. Ahem.


Mambinki said...

Why is Minneapolis so unpopular? It is such a nice city!

JFS said...

Is there a list of the best places to live in?

Patrick said...

I liked Minneapolis too.

There are a lists compiled by Money magazine, for example, that list the best places to live.