Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What would you rather live without?

33% Dishwasher
66% Washing Machine

33% of you people are crazy. I would rather live without a washing machine and go to a laundromat once a week than have to wash dishes all the time.


Sarah Marie said...

I am in that 33%, Patrick. In fact, I might be ALL of that 33%. And you called me crazy! J/K...I thought your question meant that I would live without washing machines in my life as a whole! I answered your poll and I was like "Who are these two crazy people who would rather hand wash their clothes than hand wash some dishes???" Also, laundromats suck.

Patrick said...

I stand by my statement on your craziness! :)

Becky actually pointed out that the question sounded like a choice between washing clothes or dishes by hand. What I meant was that these things still exist, just not in your house.

Yeah, laundromats suck, but you could always catch up on some reading. Nowadays I think they even have wireless internet.

To me, washing dishes seems like more of a pain in the ass than going to a laundromat once a week... or month, if you don't mind funky undies.