Thursday, March 15, 2007

Never Buy Anything From

On 2/8/07 I placed an order from for some bags, boards, and two t-shirts. A month later I still never received my items. My order was listed as "In Process" for the entire time. I tried contacting their email address three times, but they never responded. I called them and asked for a refund and was told that I would get it. Days later, I didn't get it. Finally, I filed complaints with both the Better Business Bureau and PayPal. In both cases, emails would initially be sent to the seller requesting action. They refunded my money the day I filed the complaints.

I suppose they do check their email, but just chose to ignore me. If you are interested in seeing's business record, here's a link to their Better Business Bureau page. Notice that they have an "unsatisfactory record."

Also, their reviews on eBay are bad too. They are no longer a registered user, but their amount of positive feedback when they cancelled their account was 98.2% (actually pretty bad for eBay). Here's a list of all their negative and neutral reviews. Notice how rude the seller is to the customers in the comments.

My favorite negative/neutral feedback was from eBay user plan.9. This person was obviously a loyal customer until they screwed him/her over. Here's plan.9's negative comments and's responses.

Negative feedback rating
Paid 9/5, nothing by 10/30. Claims item shipped; USPS tracking # says otherwise.

Buyer plan.9( 1318Feedback score is 1000 to 4,999)
Oct-30-05 13:26 6558348061

Reply by order was lost in mail how is this OUR fault????
Oct-30-05 13:49

Follow-up by plan.9: USPS tracking # shows they NEVER GOT the order from you. YOU blew it, not USPS.
Oct-30-05 14:10

Negative feedback rating
Please take my testimonial off your website. Terrible customer experience.

Buyer plan.9( 1318Feedback score is 1000 to 4,999)
Oct-30-05 13:26 6558349699

Reply by uncalled for we shipped you order twice now
Oct-30-05 13:49

Follow-up by plan.9: Bulls#!t. Supply tracking numbers, b/c ones I have show you never shipped.
Oct-30-05 14:11

Negative feedback rating
Once my favorite seller; spent hundreds of $ here. Tried calls/eMails: no item.

Buyer plan.9( 1318Feedback score is 1000 to 4,999)
Oct-30-05 13:26 6558346930

Reply by uncalled for feedback refunded and shipped order twice
Oct-30-05 13:50

Follow-up by plan.9: Entirely called for feedback. You guys blew it repeatedly.
Oct-30-05 14:12

Negative feedback rating
Paid 9/5. Called/eMailed, got assurances. 10/30: still no item. Never again. F-

Buyer plan.9( 1318Feedback score is 1000 to 4,999)
Oct-30-05 13:26 6558347442

Reply by we refunded all your money for this order
Oct-30-05 13:49

Follow-up by plan.9: FINALLY, but only after neg feedback. Why didn't my PayPal complaint work?
Oct-30-05 14:13

Negative feedback rating
Used to be wonderful seller, now I have neither my goods nor my money.

Buyer plan.9( 1318Feedback score is 1000 to 4,999)
Oct-30-05 13:26 6558359637

Reply by you have your money and your goods will be shipped once again
Oct-30-05 13:51

Follow-up by plan.9: Appreciate the refund; it's about time. You don't owe me any goods.
Oct-30-05 14:14

Negative feedback rating
No item after nearly 2 months and repeated phone calls/eMails. Fed up!

Buyer plan.9( 1318Feedback score is 1000 to 4,999)
Oct-30-05 13:26 6556676349

Reply by we have been responding uncalled for and your monet was refunded in full
Oct-30-05 13:50

Follow-up by plan.9: Responding: yes; acting and fixing the problem: no. Sorry it had to come to this
Oct-30-05 14:15

Negative feedback rating
Repeated eMails/calls have yielded no results on this order. Still no item. F-

Buyer plan.9( 1318Feedback score is 1000 to 4,999)
Oct-30-05 13:26 6556678696

Reply by calls and emails had us re-ship this we don't know why you did not receive twice
Oct-30-05 13:52

Follow-up by plan.9: You eMail me to call ME "unprofessional"?!?! Take some personal responsibility.
Oct-30-05 14:17

I love that plan.9 even asked to have their testimonial removed from the website in October 2005, but it's still on there! They are even lying about their eBay feedback score.


On December 8, 2007 I received the following email from Enjoy. has sent you a link to a blog:

Get that shit you wrote about my company off your blog asshole.

Blog: Ninjas and Nachos
Post: Poll Results.

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Patrick said...

Thanks for the interesting link. I haven't heard of Heavyink before. It looks like a pretty good site.

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We are going to file a lawsuit againt you and Blogger on May 31st 2010 if the slander about my company is not removed from your blog Patrick.

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