Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Absolutely Right.

Give this article a read.

Here in Tuscaloosa, there are almost no sidewalks in subdivisions. The places where you see the most people outside are along the river walk (where there is a path), the sidewalk around the Quad, and the Quad itself (big open field where people play football and frisbee). I definitely agree that if sidewalks were built in this city, people would use them. You can tell by the number of people crowding these areas in near desperation.

If they built bike paths, this town would go though a major change. I definitely think that a significant percentage of the population would use them. I think people are afraid to ride in traffic in this town, so the people that do ride are on the intermittent sidewalks, dodging pedestrians. If bike paths were built, this town could reduce it's traffic problem, the University could reduce it's parking problem, and people would be in better shape while saving money on gas. The town is not that big, after all. It's just poorly planned.

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